Remote online Dog Behavior & Dog Training serving U.S. Based Clients

Remote online Dog Behavior & Dog Training serving U.S. Based ClientsRemote online Dog Behavior & Dog Training serving U.S. Based ClientsRemote online Dog Behavior & Dog Training serving U.S. Based Clients

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About Kim Kilmer

About Kim Kilmer

About Kim Kilmer

My Mission:

“To facilitate the best relationship between owner and dog using positive reinforcement to shape desired lifelong behaviors.”

You may not think of dog training or behavior consulting as being an organic process, but to me it has always fallen into that category. I’ve been building positive relationships with dogs since I arrived on this planet to parents who bred and showed rough collies. My relationship with dogs went from family dog, to conformation dog, to obedience dog, to therapy dog, to herding dog, to rally dog, to agility dog and the continuing, concentrated study of dog behavior beyond. No matter what the activity, the joy has always been about the relationship with the dog. 

I feel most fortunate to have been given the opportunity years ago to leave the corporate world and forward my passion into a much loved career. It is my goal to guide you to the best relationship with your dog using my expertise as an educator, knowledge of the science of dog behavior, positive behavior-shaping training methods and my 30 plus years of experience.

  • BS, West Virginia University
  • Former AEGIS Project Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Canine Training Professional, Pet Professional Guild
  • Member: Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
  • Member: NACSW
  • Awarded over 150 AKC titles with most recent being a CH and MACH4
  • Awarded multiple HITs and HCs in AKC obedience trials
  • Competed in 2 Gaines National Obedience Invitationals
  • Competed in 2 out of 4 invitations to AKC National Agility Championships 
  • BarkerHeeler Imprint Creator, Pet Book Acquisition Editor, Gulf Publishing Company
  • Course Designer/Instructor, Designing an Enrichment Program for Your Dog, Wor-Wic Community College
  • See Spot Run, Boulder City, NV initial dog park planning committee
  • Organizer/Director of Paws That Serve, the first Delta Pet Partners pet therapy group in Southern NV
  • Wicomico County Dog Ordinance Committee
  • Pet Columnist, Healthcare Traveler Magazine
  • Vet Recommended 
  • Licensed, permitted and Insured

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About Kim Kilmer

About Kim Kilmer

How can I schedule an appointment?

I am reachable to schedule an appointment through the Contact Us page on my website or via phone at 443-944-7522. Please note while the business is run online, the office is on Pacific Standard Time. 

How can you help with behavior problems over the phone or on video chat? 

This is where my years of education, investigative experience and communication skills come into play. When working with a client remotely via phone or video chat, it is my job to ask a series of questions meant to gather specific information. Based on your responses, I am able to get a clear picture of not only the behavior problem, but how you live with and interact with your dog. From there a tailored training program is designed and implemented. As with in-home training programs, each follow up remote session is designed as a building block for success. 

Do you train our dog for us? 

No. I design a training program based on the behavior and training needs of each dog and owner. I then instruct and guide you to train your dog. It has always been my opinion that the relationship you build by working with your own dog is a foundation for a beneficial lifelong partnership and mutual understanding. 

Will you board our dog to train him?

No. See response to prior question. 

Is my dog too old to train? 

Absolutely not. A dog can learn no matter their age and teaching new skills can keep a dog’s mind sharp and lessen boredom. 

Do you work with wolf-hybrids?

I am prohibited from working with wolf-hybrids due to licensure and insurance.  Even though the ownership of wolves and wolf-hybrids is legal in Clark County, NV if bred in captivity, these animals respond differently to their world and training than domestic dogs based on the percentage of wolf in their DNA. 

Why don’t you use choke chains, prong collars or shock/electronic collars? 

In the hands of most pet owners these tools are used to curtail or correct unwanted behavior rather than first teaching the desired behavior. They are considered punitive or aversive training tools, which have no place in my training programs. 

How long do I need to train my dog each day?

My homework assignments typically require several very short training sessions daily. The element of gaining small steps toward success with each training session far outweighs a stringent amount of dictated training time. 

My dog isn’t interested in food or treats. What else can I use? 

Part of marking a behavior, which means letting the dog know they’ve done the right thing, is the ability to reward as you mark. The reward is eventually phased out. For dogs not interested in anything edible, the reward can be a quick lick of a treat stick, a pet, a quick interaction with a tug toy, or something else that we find desirable to the dog. 

Do you work with all breeds?

Yes. I work with pure and mixed breed dogs of all ages and sizes. The only exceptions are wolf-hybrids.