Dog Behavior & Training Specialist
Serving Las Vegas and Henderson


Kim helped me understand the sources of my dog's lack of confidence and anxiety. A friend now describes him as a normal dog. Thanks to Kim, I am aware of things that stress him. He is evolving into the performance boy I'd hoped he would be. Thanks, Kim!

L.  McKee

The Amount of Knowledge and Experiences Kim Kilmer has is The BEST Reason to use her services❤️

She Truly gave me a ton of Very Helpful advise❤️

She gave me total Peace of Mind 

I Highly Recommend her Incredible Services⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

P. Trent

Kim is by far, one of the most knowledgeable canine behaviorists around. Her positive, practical and pragmatic approach helps her customers to understand the drivers of canine behavior as well as how to intervene in a manner that builds rather than strains the bond between dog and human. Perhaps most importantly, her willingness to take the time to develop creative solutions to tough issues is literally, a lifesaver.

B. Dingwall

Kim is amazing!  There is no unique or difficult dog behavior problem that she can't solve.  Whether it's a problem with a house pet or fine tuning a canine athlete's performance in Obedience or Agility, Kim has it covered.

S. Biernacki 

I have been using Kim for years. I rescue dogs, and she has helped me rehab many of my rescues. Her knowledge is unbeatable. Even from consulting on the phone she is able to determine a dog's issue(s) and give me training exercises to help the issue. I have seen dogs that have completely shut down and lost their trust in humans, turn around and live happy lives bonding with their owner. I honestly cannot say enough great things about her knowledge and abilities.

K.J. McCormack

I first called Kim to help me with my rescued French bulldog. He displayed fearful aggression with children due to an abusive environment in his past home. Kim helped me work on his impulse control and other issues to help him gain confidence. He no longer chases anything that moves and is much calmer - totally ignoring skate boarders and running children. We are able to take him everywhere we travel - even to restaurants and pet friendly stores. She was always a phone call away to give me the support I needed to make his life better.

Debi R.